1.  I do not tolerate any explicit talk.  You are paying me for my time and companionship, that is all.

2.  I have a screening method in place for everyone I meet.  If you have no references I will not be able to see you unless it is at your home.

3.  The donation is to be placed in a white envelope in plain sight, so when I arrive I can see it.  There is to be no talk of money once I arrive.

4.  I am not looking for a boyfriend, so please do not make a request to be my one and only.  I do not date.

5.  Please be clean and respectable when we are together.  Be sure to know my rules before making an appointment, as there are some things I just do not do.

6.  Please do not abuse texting.  I do have a life outside of this.  Please respect my time as I shall respect yours.

7.  I will terminate the appointment of any individual who seems drunk or under the influence of a drug.  Please do not drink before our appointment.  If when I arrive you wish to offer me a drink, an unopened bottle of water is fine.

8.  I value your safety as much as I do my own, and with that said let us meet and have an awesome time.